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Automated Refunds for Exporters under GST


Automated Refunds for Exporters under GST

The revenue department under GST have plans to introduce a faceless scrutiny of refunds to hasten the claim settlement process. If this plan rolls out, the exporters of goods and services in India as well as SEZ units will be able to claim their GST refunds Automatically from June onwards.

The current scenario
Under GST, an exporter claiming a refund on account of ‘zero-rated’ supplies can chose between the following 2 options
  • Export the goods or services without making payment of IGST under a bond/LUT and claim a refund of the accumulated ITC.
  • Export the goods and services by paying IGST and claim a refund of the same.
However, the facility to claim the refund automatically is available for exporters who have of paid Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST) while exporting goods. Since the GST Network (GSTN) systems are integrated with Customs, the refunds are automatically transferred to the bank accounts of such exporters within a fortnight. 

On the other hand, manufacturing exporters and suppliers to SEZ, claiming a refund of ITC, have to file an application in Form GST RFD-01A on the on the common portal and manually submit a print out of the form along with other documents to the jurisdictional officer.

Quick Notes
With the implementation of automated GST Refunds, the revenue department gets
  • Smarter – with faceless transaction process.
  • Quicker – with reduced refund time.
  • Safer – with the elimination of fake refunds.
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About Ashwini Gorhe


Ashwini Gorhe, a Chartered Accountant, is associated with IRIS as a Financial Analyst. She has around 6 years of experience in compliance space which includes XBRL reporting, GST and Data analysis. She is actively involved in the IRIS Sapphire (GST filing solution) and IRIS Topaz (E-way bill solution) product development. Before GST, she was handling US compliance analyzing US financial statements and reviewing XBRL filings for US and India market.

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