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Casual Taxable Person under GST

The provisions made under GST define a Casual Taxable Person as any individual who transacts goods and services occasionally while acting as a Principal, Agent or in any other capacity for the furtherance of the business, but does not possess any fixed place of business in the given taxable territory,

5 Key Responsibility a Transporter should adhere to!

Under GST regime, in order to deliver the goods in a hassle-free manner, a transporter (Registered and Unregistered) is required to fulfil the 5 key responsibilities in the given article.

Composition Form CMP 08 – All you need to know!

Form CMP 08 (Replacing form GSTR 4) is a quarterly return form which is required to be filed by every taxpayer who has opted-in for the Composition Scheme under GST. Form CMP 08 will be applicable from FY 2019-2020 onwards

Do You have Missing Invoices in Your GSTR 1?

Do You have Missing Invoices in Your GSTR 1? Your GSTR 1 could have invoices uploaded on your recipients and you need to take actions on such invoices while filing GSTR 1 returns. Read to know more about missing invoices and how to take actions.

36th GST Council Meeting Highlights – Building up the EV Sector

The 36th GST Council Meeting was held on 27th July 2019 with the prime agenda being - reduction of GST rates applicable on Electric Vehicles.