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How to Track Your GST Payment in 4 Simple Steps


How to Track Your GST Payment in 4 Simple Steps

Under GST, a businessperson has tax liabilities based on the nature of their business. The taxpayer can adjust these liabilities with the available ITC and/or pay the balance through the electronic cash ledger. The taxpayer can make this payment online (via the GST portal) or offline (via the authorised over-the-counter banks). If the payment amount exceeds Rs. 10,000, it is mandatory for a taxpayer to pay the liabilities electronically. When done thorugh online medium, it becomes crucial to keep a track of the payment, to ensure the GST payment has been done successfully and you do not incur a penalty (due to failed payment) despite complying with GST rules in time.

Thus, here is a step-to-step guide to help you keep a track of your GST payment status.

How to track GST Payment

  1. Go to GSTN Portal
  2. Click on service tab, select payment.


  1. Under Payment, select ‘Track Payment Status’. It will redirect you to the following page:

Payment Tracking

  1. Enter the GSTIN for which you wish to track the payment status, along with the CPIN number and click on Track Status.
    P.S: CPIN stands for Common Portal Identification Number and is generated before you make GST payment.

Payment Status under GST.

Depending upon the status of the GST payment, the taxpayer might see the following message:

Paid: If your payment has been done successfully, it will show ‘Your Payment status is Paid’. You’ll also be able to view and download the payment receipt.

Not Paid: If you have generated the Payment challan, however, the payment has not been done, it shall show ‘Your Payment status is NOT PAID’.

Failed: In case your payment is failed, it will display the message ‘Your Payment Status is FAILED’. In such scenarios, the taxpayer can click on the View Challan and make the Payment again for the Failed challan. 

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Anushree Joshi is a Senior Domain Specialist in IRIS GST team and is responsible for product development and customer success. She is a Chartered Accountant, Cost & Management Accountant and have been associated with IRIS for 7+ yrs. Prior to joining the IRIS GST team, she was part of the IRIS US SEC XBRL team, helping listed companies in US file their annual reports in IFRS and US GAAP. She enjoys reading and a Kathak (Indian classical dance) enthusiast.

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