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Power Your Decisions with IRIS Sapphire Business Intelligence Tool


Power Your Decisions with IRIS Sapphire Business Intelligence Tool

Businesses have been filing GST returns for over a year now. While compliance is the main purpose, the granularity and spread of details captured in your GST filing makes it a rich data mine. From invoice-level details to aggregate information and from a single GSTIN to the business PAN as a whole, the GST data if analysed, can be a valuable asset to the C-Suite for decision-making and efficient tracking of business.

Data Analysis and Much more, with IRIS Sapphire

IRIS Sapphire, a GST compliance tool of IRIS GST, a leading GST Suvidha Provider, offers this required intelligence to your compliance processes. It offers a palette of reports and insights covering performance at business and GSTIN level, different perspectives of data and cross-validation of data filed in different returns i.e. GSTR 1 and 3B and GSTR 2A and 3B.

Designed to match the requirements of personnel at various levels in the business hierarchy, IRIS Sapphire offers many data insights useful in decision-making. We enlist a few here:

Dashboard View:

You can get a bird-eye view to your complete GST Compliance in the Dashboard. The Dashboard view provides you with the ability to filter the data over a given period (up to 6 months) and download the generated report in .csv format. The dashboard automatically generates data from the data available on the selected GSTIN (or Pan if no GSTIN is selected). The reports available on your dashboard are as follows:

1. Outward Taxable Supplies: Monthly Outward Supply summary generated from your GSTR 3B form.

Outward Taxable Supplies

2. Gross Tax Liability: Gross Tax liable on the selected GSTIN (or the entire PAN if no GSTIN is selected).

Gross Tax Liability

3. Settlement of Tax Liabilities: Quick and segregated view of the settlement of your tax liabilities. If in case IGST/CGST/SGST or cess is not applicable on the given GSTIN (or PAN) you can deselect the respective tax bar and hide the respective column.

Settlement of Tax Liabilities

Quick View: Your Dashboard also provides you with a quick overview of the No. of GSTINs, Outward Supplies, RCM Inward Supplies and RCM Payments.

Quick View

Compliance Tracker (MIS):
The compliance tracker provides you with a quick summary as well as a detailed report based on your compliance history.

To check your compliance history
  • Click on the Compliance Tracker tab on the top right corner
  • Select the desired report from the follows:
1. GST Session Status: Check the status of your current GST session.

GST Session Status

2. Filing History: Check the filing history for your inward and outward supplies.

GST Filing History

3. Filing status Summary and Detailed report: For a quick overview of your filing status, you can select the summary tab. The detailed report tab provides you with the options to select the ‘Return Type’ and ‘Document Type’ and get the detailed filing status of your returns. You can even choose multiple document type, as per your needs and download the generated report.

Filing Status

This feature highlights the filing status of all your GSTINs, sections and returns of information that is filed through IRIS. This will help you to identify any gaps and ensure completion of the return filing process

Business Intelligence and Analytics Module:
In the upcoming month we are also planning to incorporate detailed insights of all your crucial GST data. With over 35 report modules that slices your GST data into easy-to-consume reports suited for the C-suites. These reports sum up your entire compliance processes based on your returns to help you analyse your data like never before. These widgets are being designed to provide you with a detailed analysis of data such as,

  • Summary of Outward Supplies;
  • Comparative Analysis of GSTR 1 and GSTR 3B;
  • Top 10 Counterparties;
  • Analysis of ITC ;
  • Advance Taxes and Adjustments;
  • Tax payment and Breakup, etc.
Furthermore, in the near future, the application will bring in a suite of analytics-driven by self-learning algorithms that can mine the sales invoice and purchase data to answer key business questions. Designed to work in a big data environment mode and the application can combine additional data such as accounts receivables from accounting systems to derive business insights that optimize working capital management and help in the procurement decision process.

What do you do if Compliance reporting is not through IRIS Sapphire?
In case the compliance reporting of GSTR filings is handled through other means such as direct filing on GSTN portal, IRIS Sapphire’s BI and Analytics module still enables preparation of certain reports by fetching the filed data from GSTN.

What can you do with IRIS reports?
With global boundaries shrinking, disruptive technologies becoming part of business processes and regulations becoming tighter and tighter by the day, the compliance function is taking front-seat in business decisions. And for that analysing and planning each and every step of financial decisions is a must. With IRIS Sapphire’s extensive reports and insights, all the power is to you.

  • Aided Decision making.
  • 360° Business View.
  • Inward and Outward Supply Analysis.
  • GSTIN level management and much more.
So power your business with IRIS Sapphire’s Reports and Analysis, because as they say, “Data is the new Oil.”

IRIS Sapphire backed with simple GST Compliance solution, Business Intelligence, and Seamless integration is here to help you with all your GST related concerns. To know more about GST compliance with IRIS Sapphire, you can simply visit our website or write to us

About Gautam Mahanti


Gautam is an Engineer and holds an MBA degree with specialization in Finance and Systems and is currently leading the GST Practice at IRIS. He has over 16 years of experience in the areas of project management, strategy and consulting across different industry sectors and working with clients globally. At IRIS, Gautam has been leading product development in the area of building innovative, automated reporting solutions for filers reporting into regulatory entities.

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