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Inward Supplies and ITC in GSTR 9: Table 6 Explained

Details analysis of information related to ITC that needs to be reported in Table 6 of GSTR 9, the annual return.

10 Step Guide to Outward Supply: Table 4 of Form GSTR-9 Explained

GSTR 9 consists of outward and inward supply details, ITC claimed and adjusted and tax payment details. This blog focuses on the Outward supply details to be included in GSTR 9

GSTR-9 Annual Return Form: All You Need to Know About it

As GSTR-9 is the talk of the town, find out what you need to know about GSTR-9 to ensure error- less filing and complete compliance

TDS under GST to be in force from 1st Oct 2018

After keeping the TDS provisions in abeyance up until now, the provisions of TDS are effective from 1st Oct 2018. For persons who need to liable TDS, here is a quick overview of the TDS related procedures under GST.

10 Facts You Need to Know about Supply in GST

10 facts about 'Supply' in GST which will be ?the?deciding factor in your invoicing and ultimately taxation


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