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The Curious Case of GSTR 2X


The Curious Case of GSTR 2X

GSTR 2X return need to be filed by taxpayer who wants to claim for TDS and TCS credit received. Here taxpayer will get auto-population of data from his counterparty who files GSTR 7 and GSTR 8 i.e. TDS deductor and Tax collector. This return can be filed by all the taxpayers who are making specified sales on the e-commerce platforms and/or entered into any kind of works contract with Government departments who deduct taxes.

E.g. if you are selling your products through e-commerce operator then E-commerce operator collects taxes and file GSTR 8. Now to take credit of TCS, you can see this auto-populated TCS in your GSTR 2X. You need to take action like accept or reject.

Thus, for availing GST TDS/TCS deducted by the deductors/collectors all the deductee need to file GSTR2X. The deducted amount will appear in Cash Ledger which can be used for payment of balance amount of tax after setting off with the Input tax credit.

Due date for GSTR 2X

There is no due date or late filing fee for GSTR 2X. But, preferably it must be filed before the deadlines when tax payment is due:

  • 20th of the following month before filing GSTR-3B    OR
  • 18th of the month following every quarter for those filing GSTR-4

It can be filed only once a month and only via the online platform.

However, you may file GSTR 2X Form before the filing of Form GSTR-1/GSTR-3B.

Actions available under GSTR 2X

There are two actions allowed to be taken under GSTR 2X. First action is “accept” and second action is “reject”. 

It is very important for the deductee to cross check these details with his records or bills raised and accordingly accept/reject the record. Once GSTR 2X is filed then you cannot undo the action (i.e. accept to reject or reject to accept).

You cannot file the GSTR2X form without taking action on all the auto-populated records in all tables.

Effect of Actions

 Accept Action

Reject Action

Once you accepted data, TDS/TCS credit will get credited to your cash ledger and you can utilise this credit while setting off your tax liabilities

Once you rejected data, this data will get reflected to your counterparty in their next month GSTR 7/GSTR 8 form under amendment section.

IRIS Sapphire, a one stop solution to all your GST filing needs supports filing of all GST forms such as GSTR 1,GSTR 3B, GSTR 6, GSTR 7, GSTR 8 . The application also auto-populates your GSTR 2X and you can accept or reject on TDS and TCS credit received under GSTR 2X through the application itself.

 IRISGST is a leading GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) providing an easy and efficient solution for GST (IRIS Sapphire) and E-way bill (IRIS Topaz) compliance. To have your GST queries solved and to know more about our solution, please contact us at

About Ashwini Gorhe


Ashwini Gorhe, a Chartered Accountant, is associated with IRIS as a Financial Analyst. She has around 6 years of experience in compliance space which includes XBRL reporting, GST and Data analysis. She is actively involved in the IRIS Sapphire (GST filing solution) and IRIS Topaz (E-way bill solution) product development. Before GST, she was handling US compliance analyzing US financial statements and reviewing XBRL filings for US and India market.

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